how the horimiya fandom refer sex


  • they did the do
  • they fricked
  • they fracked
  • they did the woohoo
  • they did it
  • they did the thing
Fat Girls in Summer


Fat girls in summer

should not be forced into shorts

that hang like potato sacks

down to kneecaps

and over meaty thighs. 

Fat girls in summer

should cut those frumpy frocks

until the hem is shorter 

and jagged

and lets them fucking breathe.

Fat girls in summer

should not let themselves

be covered

or draped

or ignored.

Not by people nor clothes.

Ciel Phantomhive - Yana Toboso

your fem nekoma players are so hot i could cry, esp over yamamoto and kuroo! thank you for being such an amazing artist!!


breasts of the team


"Can I borrow your phone?"
“…yea gimme a sec”


not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition


らくがきlog③ by Lucarios

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