words cannot describe the appreciation i have for the person who put this together

i want to be raven baxter ok

I attempted cosplay … sorta.





Rip is a charming 2D action adventure game, full of nice little touches and self referential humor, where you team up with a bunch of friends to find your missing little brother and fight off an invasion of strange ‘parasites’.

As you traverse the beautifully crafted pixel art world of Rip, you’ll soon become aware that a lot of work has gone into making it a place you really want to explore.  Every house is full of interesting items and fun titbits of information, and every area has it’s own visual style, full of branching pathways and reasons to explore them.

You enlist the help of a bunch of friends and embark upon your quest to find your brother and stop off the parasites, solving puzzles, platforming and fighting enemies.  The combat can be a little basic but works well enough, while the puzzle solving is reminiscent of point & click adventures – with you able to use, examine and combine items in your inventory.

The wonderful arcade pixel art graphical style of Rip belies it’s intelligent gameplay, RPG-style storyline and rich world to explore.  A Rip-roaring adventure.

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Oh well would you look at that.  Those are some kind words.



failed panorama shots

Looks like a Salvador Dali painting



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Official Artwork by Kino Hinoki | Twitpic

『NO.6 beyond』発売おめでとうございます。


in today’s warmup i got a bit sidetracked!